Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reggie's TNT v ESPN Challenge

Well, then. I guess we now see the downside of having upsets in the NBA Playoffs. Instead of a Spurs-Mavs donnybrook like last year, I think I just witnessed the most predictable, least interesting Conference Finals I've ever seen. And it's not about the Spurs - I actually have no problem watching them. It's just that the Jazz didn't really belong on this stage, through no fault of their own - they just got a fortuitous draw. Oh well, we got a first-round series absolutely for the ages, so I can't complain, overall.

But I digress from the intention of today's post, which was meant to be a digression from the KobeMania which gripped the basketball world yesterday. My goodness, what a day.

Anyhow, in case you missed the end of Inside the NBA in the wee hours on Tuesday night, "EJ's Neat-O Stat of the Night" referred back to Reggie Miller's recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, when the chicken-fighting woman challenged the ESPN NBA broadcasters to a TNT v ESPN game.

Here's a link to the audio of Reggie's radio appearance:
They start talking about it at the 10:00 mark.

Then, on Neat-O Tuesday night, they did a pretty funny position-by-position scouting report, with some video from the archives for each matchup that must have taken some serious unearthing (I mean, they've got Steve Kerr drawing an offensive foul from Tim Legler - it's not like you can call that one up like it's Michael in Game 6 in '98).

I won't spoil it, but let's just say that Reggie (who narrated the scouting report), favored TNT in every one of these matchups except one:
Ernie v. Dan Patrick
Magic v. Kiki
Chuckster v. Jamal Mashburn
Reggie v. Greg Anthony
Kenny v. Mark Jackson
Steve Kerr v Legler/J. Barry

It's at the end of Inside, of course, which can be found here:
I recommend it, it's pretty entertaining, and not only because they re-ran the footage of EJ's dunk on the 8-foot rim in the disturbingly tight attire, which is probably their second-most bankable piece of footage behind Karl Malone's draft-day outfit.


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