Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 International Draftee Scouting Reports (Part II): Kostas Papanikolaou & Furkan Aldemir

Kostas Papanikolaou
6-8 SF
DOB: 8/1/90

The best automatically-eligible prospect available. Kostas has proven himself as a quality role player on one of the best teams outside the NBA and as a valuable member of the Greek national team.

His game could translate well to the NBA because he's a nice athlete with good size for his position. Plus, he's an efficient player who understands his role and keeps his mistakes to a minimum.

Helped an over-achieving Olympiacos squad to the Euroleague title and the Greek League crown. Was huge in the EL final game vs. CSKA making all five attempts from the field (3-for-3 on 3PA) for 18 pts.

Main responsibilities on Olympiacos were to spot-up and move to open spaces. In 22 EL games, Kostas averaged 6.1 ppg (49% overall), 3.4 rpg, and 0.5 TOpg in 20 mins/game. His numbers were slightly better across the board in Greek League play.

Synergy Sports rated him very highly on the offensive end overall where he produced 1.1 points-per-possession, which is excellent.

His shooting numbers were not great this season (33% on 3PA in EL, 35% in GL), but he possesses a nice stroke and should be respected from behind the arc. Likes to set up in the corners.

Rarely would isolate and most of his drives to the rim would start off of catches where his defender wasn't set.

Besides spotting up, Kostas made a great living moving off-the-ball this season, usually waiting for Vassilis Spanoulis to find him. Very adept sneaking baseline. Good finisher on drives and cuts, not to mention in transition.

Though he rarely posted up this season, he looked comfortable with his back-to-the-basket. Definitely an area of his game that could be fleshed out and expanded upon thanks to his touch and good size.

Has an adequate handle that allows him to throw a crossover or spin move into his drives on occasion. But doesn't create shots for his teammates off the dribble.

Would categorize him as a solid defender by Euro standards. His technique is sound and his effort is good. Just wonder about his ability to keep up laterally with NBA small forwards.

What you see now from Kostas is pretty much what to expect from him the rest of his career: a role-playing SF who can be a corner 3pt. threat, score occasionally on cuts or drives and grab a few rebounds.

If a team is searching for a reserve SF, Kostas' a safe 2nd-Round pick.

Furkan Aldemir
6-9 PF/C
Galatasaray (Turkey)
DOB: 8/9/91

What jumps out first about Aldemir is he looks significantly bigger than he's listed. Just appears to be much heavier than 220-230 he's listed at, not to mention a few inches taller.

Not sculpted but he seems to be a naturally strong kid; seems to have a strong base. He definitely could tighten up his upper body to add more strength.

Some concerns about him being undersized, but those concerns might be overstated. Seems to have long arms, but could not find official measurements for him. But whatever the case, he plays bigger than his current measurements.

For the NBA game, he projects strictly as a center. No way he can keep up athletically with NBA 4-men especially with the trend toward stretch-4s.

Proved he could hold his own vs. Euroleague bigs and not afraid to bang bodies with older players. Love how Aldemir does not shy away from contact, very physical.

In 18 EL games, Furkan averaged 6.5 ppg (52% FG pct.), 5.1 rpg and 1.1 TOpg in 16 minutes a game.

Right now his best attribute is his rebounding ability. Five boards in 16 minutes of EL action is very good. He's put up impressive board numbers playing for Turkey's junior level teams as well. Grabs balls out of his area. Tough on the offensive glass.

Most of offense comes off rolls or cuts--nearly 60% of his possessions--and he scored at a pretty good rate (1.23 points-per-possession). Good hands allow him to catch and finish in one clean motion.

Can definitely be effective as a roller in the NBA. Rarely ever attempts jumpers and his scoring arsenal is pretty much dunks or lay-ins.

His physicality allows him to draw fouls, but also causes him to pick up fouls at a decent clip. Bet he has trouble staying out of foul trouble his first few years in the NBA. Will take some time adjusting to how NBA refs call the game, particularly stricter enforcement of screen setting.

This kid sets some crushing screens. Some of the screens he sets in Europe won't fly in the NBA (not always squared up).

At this point, his post game is nondescript and Gala did not call his number down low too often. He does do a good job carving out deep post position thanks to his strong base. He has a knack for picking up fouls around the basket.

Not a great athlete but moves better than his lumbering physique would initially suggest. Runs the floor hard and is a capable finisher in transition.

Does a solid job guarding the post. His technique is pretty sound. Uses his chest and strong legs to help him battle his opponent (something his countryman Omer Asik did well in Europe).

Thought he was alright in pick/roll action where he shuffles his feet better than expected. How he handles NBA ball screens could be another story. But do think he can do a serviceable job guarding most NBA centers on the block.

Definitely could be a nice 2nd-Round draft and stash pick as he's probably not quite ready for the NBA. In the NBA, he should be able to rebound at a high rate, score on rolls occasionally and not be a major liability defensively.


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